2 Big Announcements for The Stacey Harris

Hello, hello. Once again, Stacey here. I’m super stoked about this episode, because it’s a little different than your average Hit the Mic, because we’re going to kind of open the doors, and show you behind the scenes. Take you Backstage, if you will. Pun totally intended by the way, into two massive, massive changes happening as we move into 2019. This is sort of my very first announcement of these things. There will be a lot more information coming over the next few months. But, I wanted to start with this, and just kind of letting you guys know some of the stuff that’s going on.

I mentioned last week, that we are putting Hit the Mic TV on hiatus for November, December, because of some really big projects that we’re working on behind the scenes. These are those projects. I’m like actually a little bit nervous right now, which is stupid. But, I am. First and foremost, the biggest thing that’s not changing is this show. This podcast will remain each and every week on Tuesdays, and it will continue to be the place where you can get the latest and greatest in the information, and what you actually need to know to build real life community, get real life results, and sort of shut out the noise and the BS that you may be overwhelmed with from the standard issue stamp hammered out, digital marketing nonsense that is kind of inundating the internet always. But, it seems … I don’t know, maybe I’m just sensitive, but it seems worse right now. Again, I could just be sensitive about it.

This is not changing. You, me, every Tuesday, right here. I’m in it to win it for at least a while longer. Certainly, all of 2019. What will be changing though, is The Stacey Harris. The Stacey Harris will continue to be The Stacey Harris. I’m saying that not in a way where I’m talking about myself from the third person, but a way in which I am referring to the brand, and the company. It will continue to be a training and coaching space, focused on digital marketing. It will continue to be your social media go to resource to get training and advice that you need. It will continue to be the place that Hit the Mic Backstage lives, and the Backstage Amplifier Mastermind lives.

Because, that’s what I love doing, and I love getting to connect with you guys, and talk to people, and help people get a hold of this stuff, and find their footing with this stuff. In fact, moving into next year, Hit the Mic Backstage is going to get a massive upgrade, because I so love this space, and I want it to be better. If you’ve been a part of this community for a while, you know that Hit the Mic Backstage turned three in August. Crazy. I’m super stoked, ’cause we still have members who joined before it technically existed, which I find to be the most amazing thing, just maybe ever.

We are going into this third year, and looking at how can we make this space better? I sent a survey out to our members and I asked them full on, “What do you need?” A lot of it was a lot more focused on strategy, and they have heard me talk a lot about metrics, but we don’t have a ton of metrics tools, and analytics tools, and trainings in Backstage right now. It kind of got the ball rolling in mind around, what do I really want this space, this tool, this community, as far as Backstage is concerned, to have? That was a much bigger emphasis on strategy.

Starting in January, the site will be completely relaunched because we’re redoing every single training in Hit the Mic Backstage right now. We are currently restructuring, and refilming a ton of trainings so that they are fresh and brand new. We’re restructuring how trainings come out. Instead of having a brand new training every month, there will be a library of trainings, and they will be updated regularly. But, there’s no guaranteed new training, because I don’t want Backstage to be about quantity of trainings. I want it to be about the quality of the trainings that are happening in there. I also want it to be about those trainings being super current and relevant to what’s happening right now. We will still have our Monthly Member Mastermind each and every month. But, as far as a brand new training happening, that won’t be the case.

Instead what we’ll have, is a featured training. Kind of like we do, on the first Tuesday of every month here on the podcast, with the what you need to know. We will have a featured training of the month. Meaning, it will be the, what do you need to know now. Except, here is the training I want to highlight for you. If there’s a big change coming in Facebook ads, or now’s a great time to run a campaign, it may be at a point to Facebook ads. Maybe it’s a training around building a 30 day, or a quarterly strategy. Whatever it is, it will be a featured training from the library.

But, in the meantime, you will have access to all of the trainings in addition to that. You can go in and get whatever you need, whenever you need it. We’ll have three major categories, content, email, and social. And, underneath those categories, we will have trainings specific to that space. Both some of the how’s, which is a lot of what we have now. As far as like, how to set up a Facebook page, how to build Facebook ads, how to create a custom audience, how to set up a pixel.

But, in addition to that, there will be some of the why’s. Meaning, how are we growing our Instagram following? Great, so why are we growing our Instagram following? If we can figure out that why, we can figure out that how, if that makes sense.

I’m really excited about that. It’s a lot of work on the backend right now, building out the trainings, and getting everything ready to go for you guys in January. But, it’s going to be amazing. Here is the deal though, and this is the thing that I have only announced inside of Backstage as of right now. The cost of Hit the Mic Backstage will go up to reflect this evolution. Right now you can join Hit the Mic Backstage for $40 per month. In January, and we have not set the launch date yet of the new pricing. I’m not going to give you a number right here, or a date right now. But, in January that price will be increasing to $97 per month.

I really want this to be a space that, when people invest in it, it’s because they want to be engaged with it, they want to be doing the work, they want to be implementing the content. Because, that is where the results come from, not paying for the membership. Shifting the price allows me to be in a price point where it’s a little more scratching the game. It’s a little more, okay, I made this investment, I need to make that investment valuable. I want to see some ROI on that investment, so I’m going to do the work, I’m going to be engaged in the community, I’m going to be asking questions. That’s what we’re doing. Again, in January the price will go up to $97.

The cool thing is, and the reason I’m telling you about this eight weeks before it happens is if you join us now, or anytime between now and when the price goes up, the price you pay to join, so $40 a month, is the price you will have for life. We currently have members who, again, joined us before the site technically was launched, who pay $50 per year. Because that’s the price they signed up for. I love it. I think it’s the most amazing thing. We have people at every single price point that we’ve had in the entirety of the lifespan of Backstage, because when you’re part of this community, you stay forever and ever, no matter what, at the price you sign up at.

If you’ve been on the fence about joining Backstage, now is a really good time to join us. Not just because you will have access to the community when the price goes up, and is a much more valuable space, and just saved forever and ever. ‘Cause the price is more than doubling, but also because all the trainings that are in there now, are going to be gone. There’s a ton of great trainings in there, that are really solid foundational pieces. When the new site launches, they’ll be gone. Those trainings won’t exist anymore on the community sites. It’s a really good time to join us, check in for those massive savings, and get to go through a ton of stuff that’s going to be gone soon. ‘Cause, it’s gone. It’s going, going, gone.

I wanted to make sure you guys had time to both take advantage of that savings, and of course, take advantage of that content before it goes away. Hit the Mic Backstage is growing, getting better, getting more impactful. I’m really, really excited for this evolution. I feel like everything Backstage has done, everything Backstage has been, has really led to this point, in a really powerful way. Because, this is ultimately where I want to be, ultimately what I want to be speaking to. Which, is why are we doing this? Where are we seeing results? If we’re not seeing results, where do we make changes? All right?

So, as I said, The Stacey Harris will continue to be focused on the training and coaching side of my business. Training through this podcast, and through speaking, and through the live show, which will be back next year, and in coaching through Backstage Amplifier Mastermind. Which, by the way, we have one spot open for. The price is not going up on BAM in the new year, but we only accept so many people at a time, and we only have one seat open right now. We won’t have another seat open until somebody sort of moves on past it. That’s good to note.

With that said, as you know, I also offer strategy builds, Done For You Strategy Builds, VIP Strategy Days in my office or virtually. As you may know, we also provide Done For You Services for clients. That stuff will no longer exist under The Stacey Harris, starting actually like a month ago. But, we are launching a new agency brand in January. ‘Cause, you know what? I’m not doing enough in January. Right now, we’re working behind the scenes. We filed the paperwork a few months ago, we are now shifting into the mode of developing the brand, and putting together the website, and hiring the team. Because this is going to be a full fledged digital marketing agency. We already have a couple of clients under the agency heading. The team, we just had our first new hire. She starts in December, and I’m so, so excited. We’re going to be hiring a couple more people, probably at the beginning of the year. Maybe by the end of this year, but probably into January and February ’cause I want to kind of onboard people one or two at a time.

But, I wanted to share with you guys why I made this move. Before I do that, the agencies name is, this is the first time I’ve shared this publicly. I’m so, so excited, is Uncommonly More. A huge shout out to my biz BFF Brandy Lawson of FieryFX who helped me come up with this name, and by help me I mean, she listened to me ramble on for like half an hour and then was like, “What about this?” I was like, “Oh my God, that’s it.” ‘Cause that’s literally verbatim how that conversation went. Huge, huge shout out to Brandy for you, and your guidance, and your never ending love and support.

But, yes. Uncommonly More will be the name. It’s Uncommonly More because it is uncommonly more than a digital marketing agency. This is a place where clients come and get full fledged digital marketing support, but also people who are interested in working with brands who want to do more. Not because they want to work harder, not because they want to spend more time working, not because they want to make more money. But, because they want to have a bigger impact. They want to really perform at a high level. These are leaders that are doing really big things in the world, and I’m so excited for our team, and this agency to help them, and support them, and do the work to get their incredible messages out into the world.

We tend to be more than just an agency. Working with us is really more about having somebody in the team who’s on your side. I take great pride in the fact that we work really closely with our clients, and we are really truly invested in their success. Uncommonly More is essentially your contract marketing department, so for micro and small businesses who do not have the bandwidth and/or interest in having an in house marketing team. That’s where Uncommonly More comes in. Moving forward, starting in December and January, more and more of our contracts will be written under Uncommonly More for our VIP Days, for Done For You Strategy Builds, and of course our agency services.

Where you find right now on The Stacey Harris, the strategies, and the VIP days. You’ll still see them on the site for The Stacey Harris until the Uncommonly More site launches in 2019, when the branding is done and all that good stuff. But, I wanted to make sure that I told you guys that this was coming, because it’s a really big deal, and I’m really excited.

By the way, I totally forgot about all the paperwork involved in launching a company. I blocked it out apparently. After you have a baby, you block out all of the really hard parts of having a baby. I blocked out all of the paperwork involved in launching a company. So much paperwork, so much. I had to sign too many things.

But, it’s really exciting, and I’m really, really grateful that I’m finally getting to share it with you. Because, this is really, really big stuff. Thank you for listening. Thank you for being a part of the incredible journey of the last seven years. I wanted to do this here because I wanted to make one, really important thing clear. Launching Uncommonly More changes very little when it comes to The Stacey Harris. If you have been listening to the show for a long time, and you love the training, and coaching, and the stuff that happens here. The Stacey Harris is not changing.

The Stacey Harris will remain your resource. Again, I’m not talking about myself in a weird third person. But, this brand, and this space will continue to exist just as it does. I’m just getting more focused in how we can serve clients all the way through their needs, and all the way through sort of their journey. What I was finding is when I was doing strategies, and I was doing VIP days. When we got to the end of the strategy handoff, or when we got to the end of our time together for the VIP days, there was this sort of like hanging what’s next. Even when they had a marketing team in place, there was this desire to get more support from me.

I want to make sure that our clients get the best results humanly possible. That means in a lot of cases, seeing it all the way through. Meaning, taking them from, “All right, here’s your strategy.” Through delivering that strategy, executing that strategy, reviewing, and editing, and improving that strategy. That’s not something that I wanted to do inside the confines of The Stacey Harris. Building out the agency allows me to bring in more people. ‘Cause, yes, I am great. I am the absolute best at what I do. I don’t do everything. I don’t do graphics, I don’t write a ton of copy, I am certainly not the world’s best copywriter. I am not somebody who wants to spend a ton of time scheduling things. What I’m best at, what I love delivering, and am amazing at, is the strategy.

When I can bring in those support pieces to get content, and graphics, and scheduling, and make changes, and write posts, and do all of those things. I can stay where I’m at my best, and I can serve my clients. Not just my best, but the best copywriters, the best graphics people, the best content creators, the best video editors. I can bring those people in on my team. That becomes incredibly, incredibly easier through an agency than it does under the umbrella of The Stacey Harris. That was a big part of the reasoning for the shift. Just sort of pulling you behind the scenes, and sort of my thought process. This has been a long time coming, it’s been something that I have been working on most of the year, kind of figuring out and getting comfortable with, if I’m being totally honest. Then, of course starting to make moves on.

A ton, a ton, a ton of things are changing in 2019. But also, a ton, a ton, a ton of things are staying the same. Although there’s now technically two brand names, and you will start seeing that more and more in my social presence and things like that. The Stacey Harris, my personal brand, is not going anywhere. I never say never, but I have no expectation that will be going anywhere any time soon. We’re simply expanding, and doubling down. The Stacey Harris will essentially be the CEO of Uncommonly More. That’s that. That’s all the changes.

I’m really excited. I’m still nervous, ’cause now I have to publish this. Thank you for listening, thank you for being a part of this community, and this evolution. I know there are people who listen to the show, who have been around since before the show existed, and have been a part of my community since there were blog posts, and I was a virtual assistant. I’m so incredibly grateful for you. If you just joined today, and this is the first episode you’ve ever listened to. I promise they’re not all like this, and thank you, and welcome. I’m super excited to get to know you.

Reach out on Instagram, let me know you listened to this so that I can feel better about sharing this, ’cause I’m super nervous. I’ll talk to you soon. Have a great week, bye.


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