2 Critical Pieces Your Website Needs with Natalia Real

It’s time to get a little techy… we’re talking websites.

I’m amped to have Natalia Real on the show to talk about 2 CRITICAL website pieces. We’re talking about why your site needs to be responsive (which is critical now if you want any attention from Google). Plus we’re hitting on how critical squeeze pages are to your website.

By the way there are a TON of resources below, take advantage of them and make sure you’re on track for maximum website success!

A little about Natalia…


Natalia Real, a.k.a. Website Superhero, uses strategy + web design/development to help world-changers get more clients and make more moolah with beautiful, professional, responsive websites. Nat works with purpose-driven women entrepreneurs who are ready to up their game and expand their reach to make a bolder mark on the world.

When not wearing her superhero cape, Nat enjoys taking walks in the sunshine with her senior pup Naomi, watching comedies with her Viking boyfriend, reading everything, and sampling wines on her European travels.


Check if your site is mobile-friendly

Headway Themes

Backup Buddy

Simplero (Affiliate Link)



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