3 Instagram Changes I Wish I Made Sooner

I think it’s time that I save you from some of the mistakes I’ve made across the networks, and through marketing, and in my business. And so, today we’re going to dig into Instagram and three things I wish I would have changed sooner. So, these are mistakes that I made that I also see a lot of my clients make before we start working together and it is, I think it’s understandable that these happen, but I want to right the ship, right? We’re going to clear this up today, right now. Are you ready? Alright. If you want to dig deeper into Instagram, beyond what we’re talking about today, be sure to check out Hit the Mic Backstage. We have the entire six module rock star guide to Instagram plus a couple like auxiliary Instagram trainings over there. It is a great place to go to dig in, to up level your time on Instagram, and really making sure that you are getting the ROI on your time investment on that awesome network.

So, let’s dig in. Number one, and this is not going to surprise you at all.

I wish I had built an Instagram specific plan earlier.

So, when I added Instagram into sort of my repertoire, I had been using it super casually, but not really for business. And then, I saw more and more of my clients really spending time on that space so I transitioned my profile from a more silly stuff to my business stuff. And when I did that, I started sharing more businessey things, businessey things being the technical term for what I was sharing, but, I didn’t, I still didn’t create a plan. I had my overall marketing strategy and my overall social strategy, but I didn’t have a network specific strategy for Instagram, and I really wish I would’ve changed that sooner. Because when I did take the time to really build out my plan and factor in my activity specifically on this network, especially, and I mean considering when I did this, it was still just with the grid. We didn’t have stories. We didn’t have Instagram live. We didn’t have Instagram T.V.

So, now especially you’ve got to make sure that you know, not just where this fits in, but where these pieces fit together. You know? The why behind everything you’re posting, it’s relation to the other posts that have gone up. That was a game changer for me not just from a getting results standpoint, although it was there too, but also from my sanity and what was happening, my ability to be consistent, my ability to deliver quality content. That was a really big game changer for me in understanding when I do A, I get B. Specifically on Instagram. And so, if you haven’t yet taken the time to build out across any network, but for the purposes of our conversation today. Hey, I’m doing this on Instagram to get whatever, make sure you do that. Make sure you know what is happening on stories, or live, or IGTV, or your grid, and how those different pieces relate to each other. Because you will see a massive difference in your ability to be consistent, in your ability to get results, and your ability to get consistent results when you look at it from that perspective. So, that’s number one.

Number two, was going against what I saw a lot of people doing.

Which was adding quotes, inspirational messages, and that is great for likes. It is not great for ROI. So, when I shifted away from doing that, and sort of following the herd, and creating those kinds of graphics still. You’ll still see them as part of my grid. I shifted away from those being things other people said, messages from other people, generic motivation, to hey this is what’s happening, here’s what’s available, here’s a quick tip, stuff that was actionable, stuff that allowed me to have a really solid call to action, create conversation. I started seeing that I was getting the same kind of likes, but I was getting a little more comments, and more importantly for me, I was getting more people to go up to the link in my bio and click over and join Backstage, listen to a podcast episode.

And first of all, I know that because I measure literally everything, but also because I was now keeping people who were paying attention to me in my world, I’m getting real results versus just continuing to contribute to the white noise that is inspiration, and motivation, and quotes which we see a lot of, a lot of. And I think it can sometimes show up as content for the sake of content and I highly, highly, highly recommend if you’re doing that right now, make sure that you know why and what. Meaning why you’re doing what you’re doing and what you’re getting from those actions. Again, I measure everything. I encourage you to do the same, measure, measure, measure, measure, measure. This does not just apply to cutting things. Measure every action you’re taking so that you can make sure you’re getting an ROI on your time investment and your financial investment especially if you’re outsourcing to somebody else. But, that was a huge shift for me is really standing out, being visible, using my voice, sharing my opinion, expressing my point of view. It’s helped a lot in getting people on board with all of those things, but also in establishing that this is my little corner of the internet, if you don’t like it you don’t have to stay here.

The number three thing, and what I want to wrap up with, is something that I see a lot of us do and it’s, I understand why we do it, but changing it is massively impactful. I shifted away from following, and engaging, and focusing on my colleagues, and even some of my mentors, and the people I look up to.

And instead, started following people who are my ideal clients and engaging with their content.

It’s easy to want to position yourself as hey how cool am I and position yourself in a place where you can impress people who also do what you do, and also really connect with the people who you look up to. And I absolutely still follow some of my mentors on Instagram, but the most people I follow are potential clients or active clients. But, my ICA, my Ideal Client Avatar, the people who I want working with me, that’s who I follow. That’s who I engage with. You know we’ve talked about this.

We talked about it a couple of weeks ago on Hit The Mic TV with choosing your hashtags and choosing the ones that your audience is actually paying attention to. We talk about it in the Rock Star Guide to Instagram, Inside Hit the Mic Backstage, choosing the things that your audience is actually paying attention to, using the language they’re using. It also applies with choosing who you’re going to follow and who you’re going to engage with. I see this so frequently. I absolutely 100% did this, it’s easy to get so focused on, I’m just connecting, I just want to follow these people ’cause I know these people, or because they are who I look up to, or they are where I want to be. But, that’s not going to increase your following. That’s not going to increase your client list. That’s not going to increase your membership list or your group program sales. What will get you in front of people who potentially will buy from you is by following those people. Now I’m not saying follow for the sake that they follow you back, and then unfollow them. I freaking hate that because it’s just dumb. I am saying follow and engage, and start building a relationship.

What’s great, is this is a place where you can initiate the connection from a business to a customer in a way that feels really, like not sleazy. Where we can’t do that on Facebook, you can’t go and friend people from your page. You can with your profile, but you’re not supposed to be using that for business and there’s just no good way to do that. But, with Instagram we can, we can connect with our account to another account, get in front of them, start engaging with them, start seeing what they’re doing. That is what I want you to shift towards is connecting with your Ideal Client Avatar, your target market, your ideal client, your ideal listener, reader, member, whatever, insert thing here. That’s who you should be connecting with, not our colleagues, not our mentors, if you want to also like those pages or connect with those pages, awesome, also, follow those pages, but make sure that you’re giving equal time and energy to the people who are in your community and who you would like to be in your community.

Alright, quick episode today. Those are my three things, or changes I wish I made earlier on Instagram. I think we’ll do a few more of these. If you like them, let me know. Come on over to Instagram, and let me know. The Stacey Harris over there and you know everywhere. Also, again the next step for this is going to be to check out Hit the Mic Backstage. We have the entire Rockstar Guide to Instagram. This is a killer way to up level your Instagram time, get really clear on IG T.V., IG Live, your grid, stories, and how to maximize all of those pieces. We’re going to do some more advanced trainings in their specific to Instagram in the fall. So, the time to join is now, and of course, you can ask your questions any time as well. Which is pretty helpful. Alright, I will see you next week.

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