3 Lessons to Learn from Big Business with Kristy Ellington

Big businesses give us a lot to learn, it’s time for us to listen in and take the lesson. Kristy Ellington joins us this week to talk to us about a few key lessons like knowing your audience and a lot more.

A little about Kristy…

Big Business MistakesKristy Ellington is HBIC at Launch Ladies, which turns blogs into bangin’ businesses. Launch Ladies covers everything from social media and growth hacks, tips to transform content from “meh” to “marvelous” and how you can make money from the work you love — mostly through sponsored content. As an 8-year blog veteran and brand content director, Kristy has learned everything there is to know about creating quality content that drives traffic and attracts sponsors. She’s developed, created, and marketed sponsored content for businesses, publishers, and big brands alike, and has worked with bloggers to create smarter, more authentic sponsored posts that their audience can’t help but share.

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