3 Things You Must Know About Canva for Work

I think it’s safe to say that exactly NO ONE would accuse me of being a talented graphic designer. It’s just not a skill I have. Now yes, I could develop such skill, I do have a decent eye for color, I draw, and I paint, but still it doesn’t translate to graphic design, even a little.

That’s one reason I LOVE Canva, it’s brought basic design work to the every business owner. For those of us who could end up losing HOURS to Photoshop to create a basic Facebook cover image we’re saved. Now I will say I don’t think Canva is a replacement for graphic designers (in fact that’s exactly what I said in the Canva episode of Hit the Mic TV, but it’s still a powerful tool to have for quick jobs.

Today I want to talk about Canva for Work, the paid upgraded version of Canva and some of the extra special things you can do using it.


Canva for Work

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