3 Things You Must Know About Social Media April 2017

Welcome to episode 343 of Hit the Mic, with The Stacey Harris.

It’s the beginning of a new month and that means we’re doing another three things you must know episode. These are the things you need to know about social media right now. We’re going to talk about Facebook stories, we’re going to talk about some Instagram updates and your overall social media security, and then we’re going to talk about some Facebook ads updates with some new custom audience features that rolled out in March.

All of these are things you need to know right now and you could have known them even sooner if you’re inside Hit the Mic Backstage. I know a lot of you already joined us back there but if you haven’t yet be sure to come on over to hitthemicbackstage.com because it is the place to be to find out all of this stuff as soon as it happens. All right?

Let’s jump in at number one, Facebook stories. Facebook has rolled out stories, again this is like a 24 hour piece of content, much like Snapchat, much like Instagram stories. I have to say I’m a little bit surprised because they did it with Instagram. I’m surprised that they’re bringing this feature to Facebook as well just because I think the mentality of a Facebook user is a little bit different. With that said, people are using it, it seems to be going really well.

It first rolled out in Messenger and now you’ll actually see it in your Facebook mobile app right up at the top. This is a mobile feature, it’s not on the desktop as far as I have seen. I’ve not heard anything about it rolling out to the desktop but you will see it in the app if you use the app. I know a lot of you don’t use the app, maybe you just use the group app. If you’re using it, let us know, come on over to the Facebook page and let us know how you’re using it. This is so far for personal accounts, there’s no option to create stories at a page. Yeah, it’s a little weird, I’ll be honest. It functions really cool, they’ve got filters a la Snapchat, it’s interesting.

I’m curious to see how people are using this long term. Right now I’m honestly doing the same thing I’ve been doing with Snapchat and Instagram. Content starts on Snapchat goes to Instagram and goes to Facebook Stories. Facebook Stories is not a real big priority for me, I’m not actually seeing a ton of people watching them yet but they’re there and I wanted to tell you. Again, if you’re using them come on over to the Facebook page, Facebook.com/thestaceyharris and let me know how you’re using them and how they’re working because I’m very curious.

My biggest concern, and I’m a little nervous to say this. My biggest concern is that this is going to muddy that line of people using their profile to market instead of their page to market. I think groups already do that because we can use our profiles to market inside of groups. And I’m afraid this is going to do a similar thing in muddying it because it’s not available to pages. So be cautious so that, because again it’s still against the terms and conditions to market primarily for commercial gain, as it says. So be cautious of that.

But it is a really cool way to connect if you use Facebook as a networking tool. I mean most people who I’m connected with on Facebook I’ve met at events or are clients or are mastermind friends, things like that. So it’s a little muddy in that aspect, so this is a cool way to share another get to you know, touch point, behind the scenes kind of section of content. But really, I’m curious. I’m really curious how it’s going to work and how it’s going to roll out and how people are gonna use it, so let me know. I’m not a fan, all right?

Number two, Instagram updates. So we just did a brand new Instagram training in backstage, so make sure you go check that out if you haven’t check it out yet. It’s fully updated, we’re talking about live, we’re talking about stories, we’re talking about all the things, Instagram. But also one of the things we mention in there and what I wanted to bring to your attention because it just rolled out in March is sensitive content and a security update.

Before Instagram was just sort of deleting content it deemed, or that its algorithm and filter deemed to be sensitive, which did of course lead to the deletion of content that shouldn’t necessarily have been deleted. I’m sure you guys, if you follow any sort of like, Mashable or any of those kind of sources, you’ve probably seen those stories. But the algorithm is certainly not full proof on some very popular hashtags there’s a whole lot of adult content.

So now what Instagram is doing is it’s actually going to blur them out and it will say sensitive content, and then you can turn that content on, so to speak. You can click it and actually view the content. I think it’s sort of strange, personally, it’s not what I use Instagram for, so I don’t really care for it being on there, that’s just me. But I do think it might be a better option than just full on deleting it, because again, that filter was deleting things that were not necessarily actually sensitive content.

Alongside this roll out though was what I really want to bring up and that is two factor authentication, meaning you now have the option of having a little extra security on your account, great. Then you get a text with a number and you enter the number and now you’re logged in. So Facebook has this, Twitter has this, I don’t think LinkedIn has two factor notification, I should double check because I don’t have it turned on if it does. I really, really like this because it gives us the option to make sure our accounts are a little more secure.

And when we’re using them for business purposes it becomes even more important that not be taken advantage of by people who are maybe not up to the best of intentions. So I really try and keep those accounts secure with really solid passwords, but also two factor authentication. I have heard a lot of people in the last couple of months talking about having issues with their Instagram accounts, maybe someone got in and locked them out, and having to go round and round with Instagram trying to figure out if and how they can get their account back. In some cases they were able to, in other cases they were not.

So this is really, really valuable, because again it’s just that extra layer of security. If you’ve not yet turned on two factor notification with things like your email and with things like Twitter and Facebook and now Instagram, I really suggest you take the time to do that. Also be using a tool like LastPass as a password manager. I really like LastPass because not only does it keep all my passwords so that I don’t have to remember the goggley goop that is the password, but also it will generate secure passwords for you, so I don’t have to even make up the goggley goop that is the password.

So yeah, so check that out, make sure those things are turned on, keep these things secure, they really are … I mean, they’re a part of your business, they’re a part of your brand reputation, you want to make sure that you are the only one controlling the content that goes out in those spaces, all right?

Lastly, to wrap up the episode, the thing I’m honestly most excited about is a Facebook ads update. You can now build customer audiences based on engagement. Again, backstage members, you are not only already aware of this but some of you are already utilizing it, I think that’s awesome. My favorite, and if you go into the community section inside of backstage, you can actually see me do a walk through of how to build these custom audiences in the network news section.

But my favorite one, if you’re gonna just pay attention to one right now and you want to play with it is the video option, especially for those of us who are doing regular Facebook Live content. To be able to target an ad to a group of people who have watched past a certain point, so let’s say half of a video or 95% of a video, I can retarget you now based on you having watched a whole video, which, if it’s a primer for Backstage membership I can now retarget an ad for Backstage.

Or if maybe I did a Facebook Live about Facebook ads and we’ve got the Facebook ads free guide and check list, I can retarget an add for that option to the people who watched half of that video. So if you haven’t checked this out yet, be sure to come over to the community page. Again, it’s in the network news section of the private community inside of Hit The Mic Backstage. It is an absolutely killer video, it’s super quick, and I’ll be adding it to the actual formal Facebook ads guide inside of the membership site soon. But I wanted to get that quick up for you guys so that you could be taking action on it.

Because this is going to be a killer option for a lot of you doing video who are really making good use of a call to action button, who are using lead ads, it’s gonna be a really killer custom audience option. I’m stoked about it, so check that out. Again, network news section of the private community inside of Hit The Mic Backstage you can see the video where I walk through building all the custom audience options inside of this new Facebook engagement option. Cool, I’m excited.

That’s all we’ve got, if you haven’t yet for some reason joined Hit The Mic Backstage, I’m assuming, if you listen to this podcast, you know that that membership community is the upgraded version of this podcast and it’s like, everything in this content in this podcast plus video walkthroughs, network news, the ability to ask me questions, the ability to connect with each other, so it’s a no brainer that you’re there. But maybe you’re new to the show and you haven’t checked it out yet. Head over to hitthemicbackstage.com, get your access right now, there’s a monthly option, an annual option, and there’s gonna be some really, really cool VIP like options coming very, very soon, so stay tuned for that.

We also have a brand new, members only affiliate program inside the community, so if you are a member and you haven’t checked the affiliate community out yet, make sure you do. Because as long as you’re a member, you can actually get a little love for referring new members. Cool, I’m excited. It’s a good week, April’s gonna be awesome, we’re gonna have some killer stuff coming up on the show, we’ve got some awesome stuff happening in the private community, I’ve got some really cool stuff happening on the back side of the business, so it’s good stuff. April’s gonna be a good month, I’m excited to spend it with you guys. If you have questions, of course come on over to the private community and ask them there, that’s what that space is for. I will see you next Tuesday.

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