3 Truths No One Tells Service Based Business Owners About Podcasting

You’re likely familiar with the sales pitch for service based business owners about podcasting. That’s not what we’re covering here. Instead, I want to focus on three things no one is telling you, and because of that, we see podcasters just like you burning out early and often. 

Yes, podcasting is powerful for a business and for a service provider, and it’s super valuable as a cornerstone of your content. Still, there are also some hard truths that need to be acknowledged if you’re going to survive.

In this episode of The More Profitable Podcast, we’ll talk about three truths you need to know: a universal truth, an honest take on launching, and, most importantly, why you cannot value someone into a sale.

4:35 – The one universal truth of podcasting you need to know

6:30 – The tools that help you prepare for when you struggle with your podcast

9:30 – The critical tool we require for our podcast production clients to manage podcast burnout

11:30 – The secret you need to know about the first 20 episodes of your podcast

14:10 – How Uncommonly More approaches launching a podcast with our clients 

15:35 – A hard truth about podcasting, providing value, and actually generating clients

18:00 – The core job of your podcast content and why we talk about generating, educating, and converting right fit clients

21:30 – This a sign it’s time to get support and some questions to ask when considering podcast production support

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