6 Steps to Real Wealth with Linda P. Jones

This is one of those episodes you’re going to want to have a pen ready. Linda is sharing some wonderful insights on what wealth really is, and also how you can build wealth.

My favorite highlights from this episode where Linda really goes against the norms of the only way to build wealth is to go without (the frugalist movement) and that learning from mentors who have actually built wealth not just learned about it. She even touches on how to use debt to work for you instead of against you.

A little about Linda…

6 Steps to Building Wealth Linda P. Jones’s mission, passion, and purpose is to empower women and men worldwide to financial freedom. She is the host of the “Be Wealthy & Smart” podcast on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. Linda is the only financial expert who teaches the importance of having a wealthy mindset before and during your wealth building. She also teaches that to maximize your wealth building in the current economic cycle you need to have two powerful wealth creation strategies working for you. She calls them the “Twin Pillars of Wealth Building: Investing Like Billionaires and Creating Your Luxury Brand Business™”. In 2014 she was awarded a Bronze Stevie as “Maverick of the Year” in Consumer Services at the American Business Awards for her revolutionary approach to financial education.

After becoming a multi-millionaire at age 39 and then becoming a widow at age 45, Linda set out on her mission to teach financial freedom in a unique way.


Be Wealthy & Smart Podcast with Linda P. Jones


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