How Aligning Your Podcast and Your Offer Create Clarity for You and Your Listener with Shannon Baker

If you’re using your podcast to grow your business, ideally, your podcast fits into your larger service offerings. But are you clear on how they come together? If you’re not clear it’s time to learn how aligning your podcast and your offer creates that clarity and supports your sales goals.

Client and longtime listener Shannon Baker recently worked with me in a podcast strategy intensive to revamp her podcast. Then, she immediately put into action the plan we created together.

In today’s episode, she joins me to talk about how she started thinking of her podcast as part of her offerings and how that changed her show and her business.

3:00 – Who Shannon is and what she does

5:53 – A rundown of Shannon’s time working with me and why she needed to make a change in her business

12:45 – How the podcast strategy intensive helped everything on the marketing side fall into place for Shannon

16:50 – What Shannon expected to get out of the intensive beforehand and the big win she came away with

20:50 – The process Shannon used to hit the ground running in implementing her new plan

25:09 – Something else I spend time working with clients on during a strategy session that may surprise you

27:20 – Advice for anyone sitting on the fence about booking an intensive

Connect with Shannon Baker

Shannon is a podcaster and business strategist. She uses over twenty years of small business management experience to help her clients get organized and create business systems so they can leave overwhelm behind, get things done and spend their time on what matters most.

Through the Mind Your Time Podcast and the MY-T Society membership she helps purpose driven women with online businesses be more intentional with their time whether they have a tight schedule or an aversion to technology. She strongly believes being busy is not a badge of honor. We just need to use our POWER to use our time wisely and create success on our own terms.

You can connect with Shannon on Instagram @the_shannonbaker. To learn how you can grow your business without being overwhelmed, tune into her FREE audio training

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