How to Create an Audio Sale Page for Each of Your Offers

You know how people can get anxious at the idea of building a sales page? I’m weird in that I LOVE creating audio sales pages for podcasts! In fact, I’ve been recommending clients record them for their podcast for almost two years now. In this episode, I want to give examples of audio sales pages I’ve created in hopes of normalizing this process so that you (if you’re skittish about it) can stop feeling that anxiety, too.

1:07 – The valuable real estate you have available to you as a podcaster with an offer

5:46 – What the structure of an audio sales page looks like (and the difference between it and a written sales page)

8:17 – Why you shouldn’t worry about sounding too salesy, douchy, or uninteresting in your audio sales page

12:02 – The common narrative I hear from clients about creating this asset

14:23 – Why it’s fine to keep recording audio sales pages even if your offer never really changes

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