The Real Reason You Can’t Batch Your Podcast (and why it’s costing you big time)

This might ruffle some feathers; okay, someone is going to hate this, but there’s a fairly simple reason why you can’t batch record your podcast. It’s not that it’s just not how your creativity works or an energy issue. It’s a planning problem.

Today’s episode is inspired by a message sent to me by a Podcast Strategy Intensive client after working together, and then listing to episode 600 of this show, they sent me the following…

“I’ve been podcasting for 15 years. I have heard people talk about the benefits of batching and I have never felt like I could do this. And I realized, listening to episode 600, why that is. It’s not that I didn’t have the time or the energy or the focus to produce more than one episode at a time. It was because I was coming up with my content plan one episode at a time. Now that I have a 90-day plan, suddenly batching–and all the benefits that attach to it–seems not only possible but logical and inevitable.”

The problem is simple, you’re ONLY thinking about batch recording, which means you end up trying to plan and prep multiple episodes AND trying to record them. You’re trying to do too many things at once.

In this episode of The More Profitable Podcast, we’re talking about the step you’re skipping that’s making it hard to get more than one episode of your podcast recorded at a time. More importantly, we discuss the larger impact of skipping this on your show quality and confidence.

2:00 – What made batching “logical and inevitable” for one of our clients

5:30 – We’re talking about batching the wrong way

8:00 – The energetic cost of looking at your podcast one episode at a time

10:00 – How can you make content batching more effective in your business

12:40 – How batching better supports your creativity by adding facts to your feelings

14:30 – What batching looks like for my show

18:00 – The importance of keeping your data in mind when planning your podcast

20:15 – What skipping your planning is costing you (and it’s not about the money)

23:30 – How to get the confidence to say the scary things on your podcast

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