Becoming Location Independent with Amy Scott

Although today’s episode is all about being location independent, it’s not all about giving up your home and traveling full time.

Part of the reason we started our businesses, and the biggest luxury of an online business is to be able to work from anywhere, but if you needed to could you?

Also if you do want to give it all up and become a nomad, today’s guest is showing us how.

A little about Amy…

Becoming Location Independent with Amy ScottAmy Scott quit her office job to travel the world in 2004 and never looked back. She now keeps a home base in Buenos Aires while she travels the world with her Argentine husband. She’s the founder of Nomadtopia, a hub of information, inspiration, community, and support for others who also want to live their ideal life, anywhere in the world. Through her other business, Nomad Editorial, she helps nonfiction writers finish their books.


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