Being Yourself (Even When You Change) with Stacey Herrera

Life evolves, you evolve! And guess what, that’s ok!

That’s exactly what Stacey and I dive in on in this episode, how to deal with those evolutions in your life and the power of being yourself. Strap in because this is a great one!

A little about Stacey…

episode-107Stacey Herrera is a connection coach, writer, and speaker from San Pedro, CA. She believes that healthy relationships are possible and that happy endings happen in real life too. When she’s not masquerading as an extrovert in public, you can find her sprawled out on the floor of her closet, with her nose buried in a book, sipping a cup of tea. Sign up for “the Link” Stacey’s bi-weekly newsletter for connection insight + relationship tips.


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