Book Review: Twist by Julie Cottineau

I’ve known and worked with Julie Cottineau for a few years now. I worked with her on her social media as she was focusing on social media growth at the time because she knew she wanted to write a book. I’m proud to say her social media following (and value) has done nothing but grow the last few years, but even better than that yesterday she released her book.

Her book is Twist: How Fresh Perspectives build Breakthrough Brands, and we’re talking about it today. You likely know this already but I’m obsessed with good branding, it’s something I’m always thinking about always looking at how I can improve because I think there is such a deep connection between a solid brand and your social media voice. They have to be connected, because social media is such a common touch point for your community.

If you’re struggling with your brand and how to get somewhere good, check out this book, it’s going to be a game changer.


Twist: How Fresh Perspectives Breakthrough Brands by Julie Cottineau

Better Branding with Julie Cottineau

Brands That Stand Out with Julie Cottineau

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