Breakdown to Business with Mallie Rydzik

This episode is a bit different, but in my opinion one of the most important. I’m joined by Mallie Rydzik who shares her story of building her business after breaking down.

We’ve all been at some low point in our life and it’s really inspiring how Mallie has bounced back with the support of her family, and taking that big first step.. asking for help.

Be sure to hit the comments and share a few ways you take care of yourself while growing your business.

A little about Mallie…

Mallie Rydzik on Hit the Mic Rydzik, M.S., is a coach, writer, and speaker who works with fellow overeducated and underfulfilled Millennials to achieve work-life balance and get creative in their career paths. She is a recovering academic who dropped out of a Ph.D. program following a mental health breakdown, which led to diagnoses of obsessive-compulsive disorder, chronic depression, and binge eating disorder. This was the catalyst that drove her to rediscover life and work. A scientist by trade, she uses a combination of her analytical and creative mind to help others identify both deficiencies and strengths in their lives and careers. She writes and podcasts about the future of work, work-life balance, and creative career creation at The Off-Road Millennial. Mallie is the author of the upcoming book, Owning It: How To Embrace The Best AND Worst Parts Of You To Thrive In Life And Business.

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