5 Common Mistakes Podcasters With 100 Episodes or More Still Make

Think you’re done making common mistakes podcasters make when using their show to generate, educate, and convert leads? Think again.

Once you get past a certain point with your podcast, you might feel like you have it made. Whether it takes 100 episodes or 1000, you reach the point where you think you might be done with the mistakes.

But even as a veteran podcaster, you can still neglect some things that affect the success and growth of your show. As a long-time podcaster (like 600 episodes and ten years), I still make a mistake or two, and I’ve seen other veterans do the same.

In this episode of The More Profitable Podcast, you’ll learn five common mistakes even veteran podcasters make and how to get past them (or avoid them if you haven’t made them yet).

3:28 – Veteran podcaster mistake #1 and why it isn’t the same as frequency

7:54 – Mistake #2 and why it comes with an asterisk

16:11 – The veteran podcaster mistake that comes after recording (I’m guilty of it too)

19:25 – One thing even veterans mistakenly neglect

21:20 – The fifth mistake that puts too much focus on content instead of this

24:21 – Rapid-fire recap of the five mistakes even veteran podcasters make

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