Decluttering for Success with Heather Anne Scott

This episode is not what you think it is, I’ll let you know that right now. We are talking clutter, and I don’t just mean the piles of junk on your desk (although Heather is going to kick ass at getting rid of that too). We’re actually talking about your inner and outer clutter that keeps you from living the life you love. It’s not about getting organized, it’s about staying clear.

A little about Heather…

Decluttering for Success with Heather Anne ScottHeather Anne Scott is a Clutter Clearing Coach, helping busy entrepreneurs, creatives and executives clear their inner and outer clutter so that they can live a life they LOVE and achieve more than they ever have EASILY!

More than just an organizer, Heather coaches people to live in that Easy place permanently and to change their life so that the overwhelm never comes back.


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