Don’t Let This Fear End Your Podcast (or your business)

This episode isn’t how I planned to end July, but it’s how I needed to end July. Earlier this month, we saw the most recent version of someone deciding that we’d worked hard enough for both of us and that it would be easier to lift something we created here at Uncommonly More instead of creating something on their own.

And it’s not just us, several clients have shared stories this month about the same thing happening to them, or in some cases, a big uptick in the frequency at which they send out cease and desist letters. 

The possibility (or even inevitability) that someone will “borrow” something from your business seems to be higher than ever, so where does that leave us? Do we just hush our butts and hope our clients find us in the quiet corner of the internet? 

I think we both know that’s not going to be my take…

In this episode of The More Profitable Podcast, I’m sharing why we cannot let this fear shut us down and why in some ways, it’s proof that it’s imperative we get LOUDER. 

4:30 – Your chance to ask questions at our next Podcasting for Profitability Roundtable

6:30 – A quick disclaimer as we start this conversation

9:00 – My experience with copycats (and there are several over 12 years) 

11:20 – Reminder: No actual experts are stealing content from other experts

15:40 – How worrying about the copycats only impacts you and your potential clients

18:00 – How I managed my own instinct to shut down when this happened recently 

22:30 – What I’m doing now and what I want you to do 

25:40 – The harm to your community that happens when you go quiet out of fear

28:00 – The most important insight I want you to leave this episode with

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