Effective Email Marketing with Amanda Cook

Effective Email Marketing with Amanda Cook https://thestaceyharris.com/episode33

First of all this episode contains a shoutout to my FAVORITE review so far. It’s seriously awesome and I’m compared to House of Cards. Bit thanks to Yoneva for leaving it because it made my day!!

Also I’m joined by Amanda Cook and together we’re talking about making your email marketing work well. Amanda shares her big pet peeves and also actionable steps to make your email marketing better TODAY!

My favorite part though is when we take on subject lines late in the show, so make sure you tune into the whole episode because it’s WORTH IT!

A bit about Amanda…

Effective Email Marketing with Amanda Cook on #HittheMic with Stacey Harris. https://thestaceyharris.com/episode33Amanda Cook is an award-winning certified holistic health coach and online strategist for the health + wellness industry. She teaches health + wellness entrepreneurs how to grow a healthy business – online – without a lot of time or technical skills. Her keep-it-simple approach integrates blogging, email newsletters, social media and online marketing to attract a tribe of raving fans to your business!

Amanda’s advice has appeared in The Huffington Post UKMindBodyGreenTinyBuddha and the Next Women Business Magazine. She also hosts a weekly podcast where she interviews successful health + wellness entrepreneurs about how they’ve built their businesses!

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