Evolving Your Ideal Client with RM Harrison

episode217Businesses evolve, they just do. It may be because we learn what we love, we learn more about what we do, or just because we decide it’s time to make something new. It doesn’t matter about the why though, it matters that you deal with it in a way that feels good for you and for your clients.

As our brands evolve and our offerings change we also have to revisit that all important ideal client, but how do we deal with those clients that are not ideal anymore? In many cases it’s still a really powerful relationship, it’s just not a fit moving forward.

RM Harrison joins us to talk about exactly that, how to make the most of those relationships moving forward, or walk away in some cases.

A little about RM…

RM Harrison shows passion-fueled, highly creative and slightly rebellious solopreneurs how to redefine business on their terms. A clarity junkie, RM is obsessed with self-discovery and helping people uncover the truth about how they serve best.

Her work combines coaching and business strategy to help solo business owners achieve sustainable growth, so that they can show up fully supported and free to give their best selves to the work they’re hired to do.

When she’s not sharing photos of her coffee on Instagram he’s dishing B.S.-free advice about making your business work on your terms on the #rmTruth Blog.

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