Facebook Vs. Google+

How Facebook and Google+ are the same, and how they're different. #HittheMic #socialmedia https://thestaceyharris.com/epsiode36After my last Google+ episode I heard from a lot of you who said Google+ is just so different from Facebook and you can’t understand it. Today I’m taking that on.

I’m sharing 3 ways Google+ and Facebook are similar and 3 ways they’re different. The other point I want to make before you listen to today’s episode is that you don’t need to abandon Facebook. Your social media egss need to be in lots of network baskets. Engage in multiple places.

Even though my organic views and engagement have gone down on Facebook, also I’m not dropping as many ad dollars as I did previously. It’s still the number 3 traffic driver to my website. Google+ just gives us another option that we should be using to share our content and engage with our communities.

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