This is How You Fall Back in Love with Your Podcast

If you’ve been podcasting for more than just a couple of episodes, I can guarantee you’ve felt the frustration of keeping up. The weight of showing up week after week is hard.

Then you introduce one of those unexpected changes or a shift in your business, and it’s easy for that frustration and that weight to lead to total paralyzation. You’re absolutely stuck on how you move forward. 

That’s where Monica Reinagel was when she realized it was time for us to sit down for a Podcast Strategy Intensive. After finding out her partner and co-host would be stepping back from the mic, Monica needed to navigate a big change in the podcast. She also wasn’t sure how she could use her current podcast to support her existing audience and an expanded audience as she explored expanding her services.

In this episode of The More Profitable Podcast, Monica Reinagel joins me to share how her Podcast Strategy Intensive helped her shift from dread and uncertainty to feeling excited about stepping into the next chapter of her podcast.

5:10 – Introducing Monica Reinagel of The Change Academy Podcast

9:30 – Shifting to a solo podcast from a partner hosted podcast and the importance of your own experience as a podcast host

11:40 – The “I can figure this out myself” loop 

13:10 – The fear of investing too early and the idea you might get more value if you just wait for a little more clarity

16:30 – The role that Podcast Strategy Intensives and our Quarterly Production calls play in helping podcast hosts get out of their heads (and way) 

18:50 – How stepping into our process helped Monica get a line of sight and see how all of these pieces could be supported and come together

21:00 – The unexpected energy shift that happened and the transformation that was created in just two hours of working together

23:10 – Navigating how Monica could speak to two different audiences as she explored expanding her offerings and how she works

29:00 – The unexpected win of excitement instead of continuing to push back on recording your next episode

32:45 – What Monica wants anyone unsure about a Podcast Strategy Intensive to know

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