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IMG_2278It’s soapbox time again. I’ve been really fired up lately because I’ve been hearing a lot and reading a lot about people saying that there is only ONE way to success, and even worse that there is only one real version of success.

That’s just not true, we each decide what success means for us and you know what, it can change!

Listen to this episode and then hit the comments and share your insights on what success means for you.


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  2. I just LOVE the message you shared here Stacey! I saved up and invested in my first coaching program last year, it was very much on the side of “This is the only way” My questions never got answered and before I knew it, I had spend thousands of dollars and had very little to show for it and no more money to invest elsewhere. Making sure you work with the right people who want to help you become YOU in your business is really essential. Again, LOVE the message you share here!

  3. Thanks for sharing Daveda, sadly I think everyone has that story about a coach or a training program at some point. The valuable thing I always remember with that though is I learned what I wanted and didn’t want from my next coaching experience.

  4. Absolutely Stacey! I learned a lot about what I’m not looking for. It did make me apprehensive, but I know all things are used for good and you have to find the positive side in it all. As long as I direct the apprehension into positives that lead me to what WILL help all is good! Thanks for all you do!

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