Finding Confidence in Your Business and Body with Kate Marolt

This is a bit different than usual but so important for your success so take the time to listen. We do talk in a bit of woo-woo but it’s so insightful and filled with great takeaways from Kate.

My favorite part is when Kate breaks down some tips to gain more confidence, so you’re able to go out into the world and make the big asks and take the big actions that will move you to your success.

A little about Kate…

Finding Confidence in Your Business and Body with Kate MaroltKate Marolt is the Body Confidence + Connection Coach at Soul Wild Free, where she is on a mission to create a world filled with love, connection, play, and adventure for herself and others. She does this by guiding smart women to quit being so hard on themselves through healing their relationships with their bodies and supercharging their courage, confidence, and clarity so they can quit waiting to feel worthy and start living in freedom- in their businesses, relationships, and lives.


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