Focus on Fitness with Catherine Basu

We’re stepping a bit away from traditional business chats in this one. I want to talk about fitness. We’re getting some great advice from the fab Catherine Basu on how to really make time for our fitness routine. And even better how to start one!

A little about Catherine…

Focus on Fitness with Catherine Basu Basu, MEd is the owner of Fit Armadillo®, the fitness company that lets you enjoy fitness at your place and your pace.  She’s a personal trainer who’s on a mission to help busy women everywhere ditch the gym and learn how to tone up at home. 

Catherine works with beginning exercisers online through individual sessions and group programs.  She’s passionate about teaching her clients and fans how to avoid fad diets and products so they can achieve lasting results.  To learn more about Catherine and to get on the Fit Armadillo A-List visit

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