Get Clear on Your Ideal Clients with Eleanore Strong

Frustrated with offers that fall flat? You keep putting out content, and sales pages, but no one is knocking on your door. You may have skipped one VERY big step.

Eleanore Strong joins us today to talk about the power of ideal clients, and a few steps to getting really clear on yours.

A little about Eleanore…

episode131Eleanore Strong is a digital marketing strategist with a professional background in social science research, data analysis, and project management. After nearly a decade of creating digital information management systems for nonprofits, research institutions, and small businesses, she started her own consulting business to help budding entrepreneurs to systematize the process of discovering the right business.

She is the creator of The Avatar Discovery Course, a 7-week online video-based training program that teaches aspiring entrepreneurs to use sleuthing to discover the kinds of people they can serve, choose a starting point for their business, and create their first offering.

Her work has been featured on the Ambitious Entrepreneur Network, BlogTalkRadio’s Breakthrough Directions, the Mosaic Souls Summit, and the Whole Being Zone, among others.

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