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Today we’re sitting down and talking about another social media management tool. This week we’re talking about Viraltag. Before we get into the specifics of Viraltag though, I want to make a small disclaimer that I make whenever I do any of these kinds of episodes, and that is this. The social media tool that is best is the one you’re going to use. If you are not going to use it, it doesn’t matter how awesome, how free, how expensive, how feature filled, how whatever. It won’t work. Okay? If you love the tool you’re using now, great. Use it. If you don’t think that Viraltag’s a fit for you, that’s okay you’re not broken. The tool you’re going to find the best results with is the one you’re going to use. With that said, let’s break down Viraltag because for a lot of you, it might be a perfect solution. Cool? Cool.

Starting off, Viraltag. Let’s talk about some features. You’ve got the ability to schedule content for all of the big guys: Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc. which is a great, great place to start because not everybody has all of those features. You can also do things like upload content and schedule it in bulk. Meaning you can hit sort of all the places you need to get content to or if you have somebody who maybe writes your content for you, they can send you say, a Google spreadsheet or an excel document or whatever for your approval, and then they can upload all of those at one time into Viraltag without having to sort of go in and schedule everything one by one. That’s really, really powerful.

Also, you can create a slightly different post for the same piece of content all at one time. Meaning, I can upload a video or an image and create the Instagram post, the Pinterest post, the Twitter post, and the Facebook post at one time without having to upload that image four times. That is a huge, huge time saver. It’s not something I’ve seen with a lot of other networks.

There’s also integrations with things like Canva and RSS feed so you can create images and handle your content curation right inside a Viraltag. I know for a lot of you being able to do things in one place is really, really valuable. With that said, one last really awesome feature and then a feature that I wish was there. The awesome feature being evergreen content, post recycling. The ability to have a queue that goes out and tweets go out and out and out and then when it’s empty, it sort of cycles through again. I know a lot of you are using tools like MeetEdgar. I use eClincher to do that. I believe Sendable does that. More and more tools are adding this feature because it’s a great way for us on the content curator side, our creator side of things, to keep sharing past content that still has value. And Viraltag allows you to do that as well.

Now a not so great feature, or a missing feature really, is there’s no social listening. With Viraltag, it’s all about broadcast. It’s not about conversation, so you’re still going to need to go use the networks or another tool to actually manage your incoming message, at replies, comments, things like that. However, the broadcast side of this tool is really solid as far as the amount of networks you’re talking to, post recycling, allowing you to add your RSS feeds and things like that so you can do your content creation all in one tool. There’s a really great thing called Circles that allow you to create like little communities of people to collaborate with friends and peers and really, colleagues, JV partners, whatever so you can kind of share each other’s content and grow your reach.

That’s really, really powerful. Especially for those of you who are on the blogger podcaster content side of your business model. That can be a really great way to increase your reach, grow your network and support people putting out content is going to serve your audience and really get your content in front of more people who maybe aren’t yet in your audience, but are a perfect fit for your audience. That’s really cool.

The other thing is there some analytics. You can pull in your Google analytics, you’re going to have Pinterest, Instagram analytics so you can see how your content is doing. You guys know, you know, how valuable that is. You can absolutely make sure that you’re tied in and connected to your numbers. That’s features. A lot of great features. Really, really like the layout. I really like the way it looks. If that fits your needs, that’s worth checking out.

The next step of course, is pricing. We always talk about sort of where these price points fit into the grand scheme of things. There is a monthly and an annual option. I’m going to talk about it from a monthly perspective. For one user, ten social profiles you have $29 per month for the individual. That is going to leave out any team sort of option, as well as things like Google analytics and advanced visual analytics. However, those options do come up when you talk about the small business option, which is $99 a month. What’s cool is at that $29 a month, you do have the post recycling option, which, again, is killer. That’s actually a really great price point to have that option as well. That’s worth checking out, guys. Then of course you can save 20% when you do the annual option, and you pay once a year.

On this sort of note, I’ve had a couple people ask me if I prefer to pay monthly or annually for social media tools. I pay monthly for social media tools because there are new tools all of the time. If I find something different I don’t want to be tied into a one year commitment or I’ve already paid for it at least with a social media tool. That’s just me. I think for most people, the annual option is really great if your business can afford the upfront cost because it’s taken care of and there’s usually a savings. Generally speaking, you will not jump around tools very often. I don’t actually jump around tools very often, I try a lot of new tools. I’ve been with eClincher for quite awhile now. I think right about a year. But because I have serious shiny object syndrome when it comes to social media tools, I tend to pay monthly. That’s something I wanted to mention.

The last thing I mentioned I want to talk about, is who is this tool going to be best for? I think this tool is really solid for those of you who are in the content space, the media space. Vloggers, bloggers, podcasters. Because there is such a really great curation and community, and recycled content, we’re talking all of the major networks that needed to be tied into like Pinterest, and Instagram, and Facebook, and Twitter, and Tumblr, etc. I would definitely say for you guys. However, if you’re somebody who wants to use one tool for your listening and your broadcasting, Viraltag may not be a fit because again, there’s none of that listening and engagement side of things inside of this tool. You’re going to want to pay attention to that. However, I have to say of all of the tools I’ve used including eClincher which I use, I liked the Pinterest scheduling inside of this tool the best. If that’s something that’s really important you, I thought this looked the best of all the Pinterest scheduling tools I’ve used. That’s just a random side note.

But that’s Viraltag. Check it out. If this is something that sounds like it’s a fit for you, check it out. But again, there is not one tool to rule them all. This is absolutely a contender as far as being a valuable place to look the next time you need a new tool for social media management. All right? If you have any questions about viral tag or finding the best tool for you, or you want recommendations, come on over to the Facebook page and ask that there. They’re questions I get quite frequently. What’s cool about asking them on the Facebook page is other people can answer them as well. Again, the tool that’s best is the one you’ll use. If you check out Viraltag, there is a 14 day free trial, no credit card required. You can at least get in and get a feel for it. If you love, go with it. It’s about what you’ll use. All right? All right.

Of course for all of the latest social media tools and network news, the best place to go is They are the community that finds out first, the latest and greatest like all of the cool news that has come out in March with Facebook ads and Instagram stuff. Some of the stuff we’re going to talk about next week on the three things you must know about social media in April. Yeah, guys Backstage already knows it because I told them. All right? Check out to join us backstage and I will see you backstage!

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