Get Your Guest Post On with Maggie Patterson

I am so looking forward to you listening to this because Maggie is sharing some fantastic information. We talk a bit about guest posting, online marketing, and we may get a bit ranty. It’s good stuff though so hit play and then let me know what you think!

A Bit About Maggie….

Maggie Patterson breaks down guest posting

Maggie Patterson turns entrepreneurs into industry experts and helps them play bigger. An entrepreneur to her core, Maggie has built two highly successful businesses, one as a consultant, and the other with a side hustle in direct sales.

She work with business owners using a killer combination of content marketing, PR and copywriting to turn dreams into reality and meet business goals.  With 15 years of hands-on experience  she has worked with some of the largest brands in the world through to solopreneurs to build their expert platform.  Maggie brings a get it done attitude to get results, and does it all with the sass of every famous sidekick in history. The faint of heart need not apply.

Based near Ottawa, Canada you can follow Maggie on Twitter or connect with her on LinkedIn.


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