Getting Booked On Podcasts

Guest posting is not the only way to get in front of other audiences. One SERIOUSLY overlooked way is by booking guest spots on podcasts.

Podcast guest spots are not reserved for other podcasters. Take advantage of the power of podcasting without launching a show.

Today’s episode is filled with actionable steps to get that done!


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0 thoughts on “Getting Booked On Podcasts”

  1. Great episode! Love all the great advice for people on how to pitch themselves. I have received some amazing pitches and some not so exciting ones.

    I love how you encouraged guests to promote the episode and attend to the comments.

    And…I love how you take all of December off! Definitely something I’d love to work into my calendar for next year. 🙂

  2. Thanks Holly!

    I think it’s so key to maximize your exposure to a new audience by engaging with them.

    It took a couple of years but I did it last year and I LOVE it!

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