Getting LinkedIn with Karen Yankovich

During my first live show someone asked about LinkedIn, and I’ll be honest, it’s not one of my favorite networks so I decided to bring in some big guns. Karen Yankovich is a LinkedIn pro and breaks down the case for us giving it a little more of our time.

I’ve been doing more with LinkedIn since I first met Karen and I’m already seeing some benefits in the expansion of my brand. I haven’t seen it convert to a client (not directly) anyway but these things take more than a couple of weeks.

Check out our chat and be sure to connect with me over on LinkedIn.

A little about Karen…

Getting LinkedIn with Karen Yankovich

Social Media and LinkedIn Evangelist, Karen guides entrepreneurs to creating wealth by combining smart business practices with simple proven systems that develop and maintain strong customer relationships. She offers results oriented and expert Conversational Marketing strategies that position her clients to bring in instant results. Karen’s background includes over twenty years in the fields of information technology, marketing, and customer relationships, making social media her ideal niche.


Karen’s blog post on why you should let people know you looked at their profile

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