Grow Your Business by Podcasting with Jessica Kupferman

Today I’m sitting down with Jessica Kupferman. We’re talking about the amazing power of podcasting. Jessica is offering some really great insights on everything from what’s holding you back from podcasting to getting interviews and how WE do it!

This is a can’t miss episode if you’re looking for new ways to rock your business, connect with your community, and position your brand in a new way.

A bit about Jessica…


Jessica Kupferman helps small business owners and solopreneurs find their voice, create juicy online products and services and design their business by their own rules. As a branding and business consultant, she’s been featured on NPR, SuccessfulWomenTalk, SocialBuzzOnAir and YogipreneurTV. She’s also been featured as a pop-culture commentator on TMZ Live! When she’s not consulting business owners on creating a kick-ass digital presence, you can find her interviewing fascinating lady entrepreneurs for her podcast, Lady Business Radio.

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3 thoughts on “Grow Your Business by Podcasting with Jessica Kupferman”

  1. I loved this interview! Jessica is such a great inspiration for all of us baby radio hosts. I hope she gets Barbara Corcoran on Lady Business Radio! I definitely recommend her book “Use What You’ve Got” which is a collection of lessons she learned from her mom.

  2. I agree @theWardrobeCode:disqus, Jess is a TOTAL pro!

    Can’t wait to hear her interview with Barbara Corcoran I have a feeling this will happen!

    Thanks for listening.

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