Growing Your Engagement on Facebook

Facebook is a strange and powerful network, with changes happening what feels like weekly it can also be totally overwhelming. In this episode I break down the one thing that remains important no matter how many changes happen.

Getting your community engaged.

We start by getting REALLY clear on what engagement actually means. Then I’m giving you 3 solid tips to getting (and keeping) your community talking with you on Facebook instead of you talking at them.


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2 thoughts on “Growing Your Engagement on Facebook”

  1. I ask people to share about whatever I posted about, like it or share with friends and family. I ask them to share if they have a story about _. I dont get many comments.. I got a comment from someone who said that wanted to talk to me but never signed up. I thought about starting a conversation with her. I feel like I have been hiding out. I wrote about getting cross contaminated from a friends dinner. I feel like I am the expert and everyone will come down on me for making a mistake.. I am sharing this.. I know its crazy. I think I need to switch to video for blogging. I just hate writing. Its not my thing.

  2. Connie, I’m all about creating whatever kind of content works for you and your community, if that means videos do videos. It’s all about getting it out there.

    Also I think sharing about your experiences are amazing. Yes you’re an expert, but you’re also human. Things happen, and I think that gives your community something to relate to, and that is powerful.

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