Happiness is the Key to Success with Julie Foucht

I LOVE this conversation with Julie, we talk podcasting, business, and zombies… seriously listen to it and you’ll even hear Zombie talk.

Julie shares some great takeaways on how happiness can help you build a better business.

A little about Julie…

episode117Julie Foucht, Kickass Biz Coach, shows frustrated women entrepreneurs how to activate their creative superpowers to find kickass clients and make lots of money. Through her signature programs, Julie teaches women the three key components of a Kickass biz: Master a Happy Mindset, Create Succulent Strategies, and Take Daily, Inspired Action.

Julie’s philosophy is simple: When women step into their authentic selves and build businesses that truly express what they are most passionate about, then they have the power to change the world – and make buckets full of money doing it.

Julie started her first real business at the age of 12, becoming a lifelong entrepreneur. In 2013 she was named Woman of the Year by the Professional Women’s Network of the Monterey Peninsula.

When she is not coaching her fabulous clients, facilitating Up-leveling Mastermind weekends or hosting her weekly podcast, Ms. Kickass Biz Radio, she can usually be found enjoying tea parties with her husband and two tiny granddaughters.

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