Honest Copy with Amanda Berlin

This is a MUST listen for everyone! Amanda and I are talking about being honest, sharing your story, and making your copy work for YOU!

She shares great insights on why people want to hear from the real you.

A little about Amanda…

Getting Honest With Your Copy with Amanda Berlin https://thestaceyharris.com/episode73After more than a decade in corporate communications, Amanda Berlin has found a way to keep content writing and social media from ruining your life. She is a communications specialist and content strategist who works with coaches and mindful entrepreneurs to help them find their voice, create systems for writing great content, and connect with their target audience in a completely authentic and stress-free way. Visit her website for regular tips and tricks for creating content that connects. Sign up to receive her step-by-step guide for writing your website’s ABOUT page. It includes six key writing prompts to get you brainstorming the essential elements of your ABOUT page, guidance on best practices in copywriting, a final grab-and-go About Page Composition Worksheet that will help you put your brainstorms in order, and more. Master the story of “you” so you can talk about yourself and what you do to maximum impact — online and off.


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