How Many Podcasts Are There… REALLY?

“Nobody’s going to listen to my podcast! It’ll just get lost in the sea of shows out there!” I’m guessing that thought has probably run through your head a time or two. But is it actually true? Are you really competing against the millions of podcasts you see on, say, Spotify? In this episode, I do a little podcast myth-busting with metrics.

1:50 – The crazy truth about the vast majority of podcasts (as of July 2022)

4:07 – Why it’s totally worth having your own podcast

5:30 – The first thing you need to have a successful podcast

8:09 – An example of how the trajectory of support for your show can look like

9:39 – Something new podcast show hosts should be aware of (and where a cautionary tale comes in)

11:45 – What you need to continuously reconnect to the purpose of your show

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