How I'm Using Live Content AFTER I've Created It

Welcome to Episode 351 of Hit the Mic with me, Stacey Harris.

All right, guys, so we’ve been doing the Facebook Live experiment all year. We’ve had a couple of weeks where we didn’t go live, for one reason or another, but mostly, I want to say there’s been like three weeks we didn’t go live all year, but here we are, five months into the year, it’s the end of May now, and I wanted to talk about some of the things I’m doing with the eyeballs that I’m getting. So I’ve talked a little bit about why I’m using live, and the things I’m doing inside of lives, but I want to talk a little bit about how I’m using that content to support the other parts of my business, whether it’s repurposing or driving traffic or promoting things or whatever, so I wanted to talk about what to do after you go live with your live content. One thing to note is, this doesn’t have to be Facebook Lives. It can be YouTube. It can be Periscopes. Whatever it is you’re using to go live, I don’t care the medium.

How to Re-Purpose Your Facebook Live

I just want to talk about live video content and what you do next. Even Instagram Live now has the option to save, so woo-hoo. But you can reutilize this content over and over again, so first and foremost, I’m using it to drive traffic, not just inside the live, but with the replay. Meaning, when we go live on Facebook, it gets downloaded from Facebook, and it goes up with the keywords and all of that lovely YouTube magic to YouTube. Because guess what, guys? YouTube’s totally a search engine, okay? I know you’ve heard this, but it’s like the number two search engine in the world, and it’s owned by the number one search engine in the world, so use it. The Instagrams you’re doing, the Facebooks you’re doing, make sure you’re setting those up.

Even the YouTube streaming, the YouTube Live stuff, if you’re utilizing that, make sure you’re going in and put in the keywords, and a cover graphic, and titling it well, and doing the work so that the legs on it, life-wise, are as long as they can be, that that content is still findable. I mean, not even searchable, but findable, because that’s really what matters. So use it to drive traffic. Make sure you’re including a call to action to get somewhere, whatever the next step is. A free opt-in, subscribing to the channel, liking the page, purchasing something, reading a blog post, listening to a podcast, watching another video. I don’t know. Whatever it is that your next steps would be, use the video to drive that traffic, both live and in its afterlife, if you will, as searchable content.

I also, we’re slowly but surely starting to do this more consistently, but we’ve been adding those episodes. We are actually embedding the YouTube video on the website, so it’s actually more new content on my site as well, so we’re kind of back in the format of having two pieces of content every week, because we have the live that goes up along with the podcast each week. So, again, we’re driving traffic. We’re driving traffic. Number two, we’re repurposing the content, so pulling the audio out and making it a podcast, or utilizing a transcript and putting it up on Publisher, or utilizing a transcript and making it a guest post for another blog. I’ve even had requests to embed the video alongside some content as a guest post, so use that content in as many ways as you can. Be repurposing the live.

I have a couple of clients who, they build their whole piece of content straight out of doing a Facebook Live, so they’ll do a Facebook Live, and then a transcript is made, the audio is pulled out, and on their website, they actually have a video, an audio, and the written blog post. So no matter how you want to consume the content, you can consume it right there, and again, all they did was broadcast the Facebook Live, so they got those initial social benefits of doing the Facebook Live. They get the content creation done. They get the SEO factor on YouTube, on their website. They’re getting all of the magic of iTunes, because the sharing’s in a podcast format. They’re getting all the pieces, all of the things, to really be making sure that this content is doing all it can, so be using it to drive traffic, and be repurposing it in as many ways as possible.

Use Your Facebook Live to Create a Custom Audience

The last thing I want to touch on, and this is going to be a short one, because this is one of those things that I want you guys to take action on it, and so I’m going to reference another episode. In case you haven’t listened to it, go back and listen to 349, where I talk about custom audiences. I spend a lot of time in that podcast talking about retargeting ads to people who watch your Facebook Lives, and this is a big thing we’re starting to do with Backstage specifically. We’re actually promoting that community to people who are watching the lives, because we talk about Backstage so often, and we also talk about things where we dive way deeper on the content in structured trainings in the membership library, so it’s a no-brainer to be targeting not just ads directly to purchase access into Backstage, but to opt-ins. So, okay, they start with value at the Facebook Live. You want to learn more about X, Y, Z, awesome, here’s a freebie. We’ve drawn that freebie to them.

That’s the ad we’re targeting to people who watch the video, and then that free piece of, whether it’s a challenge or a webinar or a checklist, or whatever that freebie is, that email sequence promotes Backstage. We’re testing it both ways. We’re seeing success both ways, but again, this allows us to find another way to qualify leads for ads, so we’re not spending quite as much on our ad spend, because I can actually target a really specific audience of people who are already investing their time in learning what it is I’m talking about. So again, use it as a target base. Use it as a way to qualify leads for ads. Use it as a way to cut your Facebook Ads budget down because you’re targeting a smaller section of people who are more qualified, so you’re spending less money, and you’re seeing a higher conversion. That’s where the magic is, people. And so that’s sort of the quick and dirty of what we’re doing after we have a Facebook Live, after we produce live content. We are using it to drive traffic in as many places as possible.

We are repurposing every inch of life we can out of it, so it can serve as many people as possible, no matter how they prefer to consume content, and then of course, we’re using it to qualify leads that we want to target ads to, so again, we’re targeting ads to people who care. Yay. All right? Again, quick and dirty short one today. Be sure to go back and listen to 349 if you haven’t listened to that one yet. It just came out a couple weeks ago. Check that one out, because it’s a must-listen with this one. It really, it goes nicely with this one. If you have any questions, private community, is the place to go. I will see you next week.

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