What to Include to Improve Conversions from Your Private Podcast Opt-In

If you love the idea but aren’t sure what to include in your private podcast, this is a conversation built just for you.

Our episode today is inspired by a question from a listener submitted when I was asking for questions as a part of our 600th episode celebration. The question was, what should you include in a 10-episode private podcast you’re using as an opt-in?

In this episode of The More Profitable Podcast, we’re talking about the nuances you need to keep in mind when building a private podcast as a part of your email opt-in. Setting aside the “meat and potatoes” of delivering on your opt-in promise, and focusing on some of the perspectives you will need to keep in mind, and wrapping up with the three pieces I suggest including.

1:10 – Setting the ground rules of our example as a ten-episode private podcast built to be an email opt-in

2:50 – An important distinction and perspective you need to make around your private podcast to keep listeners engaged

5:00 – Things to consider when you using a private podcast as your email opt-in

6:30 – The importance of understanding the “promise” before creating your private podcast

8:40 – The internal purpose of your private podcast to move leads through a sales process

9:20 – What should be in the first episode of your private podcast

11:15 – The three episode types needed in a private podcast opt-in built to convert leads

12:40 – Using your private podcast to make your values clear to attract right-fit clients

16:40 – How the Profitable Podcaster Mastermind can support your podcast this summer

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