It's not the tool, it's YOU! {Video}

Truth time, for a long time I was CONVINCED project management tools just didn’t work. I couldn’t find one I liked. Early in my first business I was using Basecamp (which by the way is a fine product) and it wasn’t a fit for me. I HATED opening it up and using it and I just didn’t feel like it fit my work flow… and guess what… it was my fault.

Project management tools weren’t working, and Basecamp sucked, because I wasn’t using it. It came down to me needing to commit to a tool by finding one I’d actually use. For awhile that was Podio, which was better than Basecamp but still not something I really enjoyed, and now I use Asana which I LOVE.

I say this ALL the time with social media management tools, there are thousands of them, find one you’ll use.

Watch It’s not the tool, it’s YOU!

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