Keys to a Successful Launch with Emily Kristofferson

Launching really is the life blood of your online business. It’s not just about BIG course launches but launching your 1-on-1 services, or even launching a webinar. Today though we’re going to talk about launching programs and what needs to be in place to do that.

Emily also kills the myth that there is a mystical number EVERYONE must have before launching a program.

A little about Emily…

Your Successful Launch with Emily KristoffersonEmily is an experienced online marketing + launch strategist. She helps female entrepreneurs launch online, make the switch from hobby to profitable business, and take their message + services to a larger audience. Emily is known for her calm nature and her ability to un-complicate the world of marketing and business. She’s great at cutting through the online overwhelm + creating steps, systems and sequences to bring brilliant ideas into reality.


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