How to launch

a podcast that gets results!

No more talk, no more ideas. Let's spend the next five days taking action.

We love podcasts here at Uncommonly More.
In fact, they are what we do every single day.

We live and breathe strategic audio, and we are super fans of how podcasts build businesses and add value to audiences.

If you have been thinking about launching a podcast for a while but feel overwhelmed by what to do and where to start, we have you covered.

Launch Your Podcast is a 5-day training series to walk you through going from idea to launch for your podcast.

Over the course of five audios + workbooks, we take you through everything you need to know about setting up, recording, and launching your podcast.

You will learn how to:

- Plan a podcast that your audience really wants to hear
Unpack how they listen, what they need, and which content to create for them

- Navigate the steps you need to get your podcast up and running
We roadmap you through the practical

- Nail down exactly how your podcast fits into your business growth strategy
Learn how to use this super powerful tool to your strategic advantage

- Choose the tech to make your podcast work right from the off
Know what to use, what to upgrade later, and how to get started

- Launch your podcast and get eyes and ears on your work
Create your launch strategy, map out your audio moves, and GO!

Here’s exactly what happens after you sign up and press play:

Starting May 18th I'll send you 5 days of emails that break down the training for that segment AND includes a workbook for you to take action at each stage.

By breaking up the planning in stages, you will leave this training series with a podcast plan ready to roll and start reaching your audience.

Just one disclaimer.
We want you to take action and use this stuff.
We know how powerful podcasts are, and how they reach more ears, find new clients, and increase your revenue.
But - if you aren’t going to take action, this is not for you.
If you are? We can’t wait to hear what your podcast sounds like and to champion you all the way.

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