Letting Your Inner Freak Out with Kira Hug

It’s hard to stand out, it’s hard to use your REAL voice. I get that, and so does my guest Kira Hug who is embracing her inner freak and sharing the real her through her businesses. This is a MUST listen if you’re struggling with pulling back the curtain and getting real with your audience.

A little about Kira…

Letting Your Inner Freak Out with Kira HugAs the copywriter + strategist behind Kira Hug Inc. — and your fellow Pirate — Kira is your rebellious curator, your storyteller, your art director, and your challenger. And sometimes, she’s even your therapist.

Under Kira’s care + wordsmithin’ wizardry, your story will be translated into copy that highlights the shiniest parts of your personality to the umpteenth degree AND sells, sells, SELLS.

Kira’s eclectic background in marketing and visual communication led her to work for startups like ActionableBooks.com, luxury brands like Estée Lauder, and a handful of global nonprofits.

As the Host of the Bridal Rebellion Podcast, Kira interviews the most disruptive leaders in the wedding industry and the most rebellious (and lovable) brides.

Kira lives outside of New York City on a mountain, surrounded by bears, with her partner, toddler, and baby boy.

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