Making Connections with Jennifer Donogh

Today I’m so excited to bring you one of my favorite people, Jennifer Donogh. Jess in the founder of Young Female Entrepreneurs and the host of YFE Live as well as Jenn Cast which both air on the Young Female Entrepreneurs network.

We are talking about the community but also we talk about getting involved in video, interview styles, and of course a bit about the history of YFE.

A Bit About Jenn

Making Connections with Jennifer Donogh.Jennifer Donogh believes in building community online through shared experiences. She produces live webcasts for brands that bring their tribes together over video, with conversations stretching across social platforms.

She has experience supporting and leading small businesses and female founders through Ovaleye and Young Female Entrepreneurs. Find her featured in Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine, and the White House’s Champions of Change program.

Jenn is a wife and mom who loves spending time with family. When she’s not behind or in front of the camera, Jenn is usually taking video of her toddler riding his bike, skating with dad, or rocking out with his grandparents.

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