You Cannot Tactic Your Way Out of a Bad Podcast

“Magic pill” marketing needs to die. Too many marketers online point to a tactic and tell podcasters that it’ll make their show better, more popular, more successful, etc.

But looking for that miracle tactic to produce sales from your podcast is costing you in so many ways. It’s costing you time, money, confidence, progress, and mental capital. And if your show is shitty to begin with, then forget about it! No marketing method is going to change that.

There are three tactics in particular that I see people raving about online and encouraging podcasters to try. As a fellow podcaster, I do these things myself but there’s a caveat:

You have to have a good approach in mind before you implement a technique. Too many go into it completely blind and get absolutely nowhere.

So in this episode of The More Profitable Podcast, you’ll learn about those tactics and why you cannot just tactic your way out of a shitty show. I’ll teach you the correct mindset and purpose behind each one so you can put your show in the best position to succeed. And you’ll discover the key piece that will shift things for your podcast.

3:13 – Quick reveal of all three tactics

7:35 – Why having these on your show isn’t a miracle tactic that’ll change everything

10:34 – Is there ever a good reason for tactic #1?

12:04 – Why lots of people go for tactic #2 and why it won’t work like magic either

14:20 – A vital suggestion if you try the second tactic

18:15 – Why this popular marketing tactic won’t save your show

20:54 – What actually changes the game and will shift your podcast

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