Profitable Podcaster Mastermind

Are you a service-based business owner, coach, or consultant using your podcast to market your services?

It's time to take your podcasting game to the next level!

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    Introducing our exclusive 3-month small group program designed specifically for business owners like you.

    Over the course of three months, I will equip you with the tools, strategies, and knowledge you need to start seeing actual results from your podcasting efforts.

    This 3-month mastermind is built to put an end to your:

     Confusion around what your show needs to help it get found AND get listened to

     Overwhelmed around getting the show planned, recorded, produced, released, and promoted

     Uncertainty over what to record next (or at all to get your listers to take action)

    With monthly workshops and co-working sessions, I'll guide you through a proven roadmap to maximize your podcast's impact and turn it into a powerful sales asset.

    It is possible to shift your podcast from a time/money/energy suck to a SOLID part of your sales system and an investment in your business.

    Even better, EVERYTHING we build here is a repeatable process. This means that even after we're done, you'll be able to do each and every one of these things for your show each and every quarter.

     Month 1: Auditing & Goal Setting:

    In our interactive workshops, we'll dive deep into auditing your podcast's performance, identifying areas for improvement, and setting clear goals and promises. Let's be clear: this is about MORE than your download numbers. This is about looking at your show from top to bottom.

    We'll review EVERY piece of your show as we work through our checklist. 

     Logistically, we'll review your title, description, cover art, host settings, and more to ensure they are set up to give you maximum discoverability in the podcast players

     Creatively, we'll review your format, ads (burned in or dynamic), guest strategy, and more to make sure your show is set up to serve YOUR goals, not chase the latest trend

    Month 2: Building a Repeatable Series

    Create a podcast series that becomes a reliable sales driver year after year! In the second month, we'll show you how to craft a repeatable series that attracts your ideal clients, generates leads, and boosts your email sign-ups or sales.

    Say goodbye to the endless content treadmill because you'll have a repeatable series that allows you to...

     Take time off from recording and producing episodes

     Create space in your calendar to experiment with other sales and marketing activities

     A reliable and repeatable month of content that generates leads into a specific program or service

    Month 3: Quarterly Content Planning 

    Get ahead of the game and dominate your year with a rock-solid quarterly content plan. We'll guide you through crafting compelling content strategies that align with your business objectives. Imagine sitting down and recording your next episode, knowing precisely what to say and WHY you're saying it.

    You'll wrap up your time in the mastermind with:

     Exactly what's needed next in your podcast

     A solid content plan to support your sales efforts

     A plan to get all of this done

    Here's the deal: it will be you, me, and some other badass business owners coming together to talk strategic podcast content twice monthly for three months. 

    And I mean in actionable 90-minute workshops and real-life 90-minute implementation sessions where we co-work on that month's focus TOGETHER!

    No more fluff, no more content for the sake of content, and no more 15-second Reels telling you that you're still not creating enough. It's us in the (Zoom) room reviewing your show, building your SOLID sales assets, and ensuring your next three months of content is planned, batched, and ready to celebrate. 

    Be the first to hear!

    Add your details below and I'll let you know FIRST when we open the doors again for the Profitable Podcaster Mastermind!

      We won't send you spam. Unsubscribe at any time.

      There are plenty of coaches & consultants who will help you launch a podcast but who do you turn to when you have an established show that just isn't performing optimally?

      Well, if you are an expert or small business owner and your podcast is your primary marketing asset, you turn to Stacey Harris & Uncommonly More.

      I really needed a strategic advisor to help me think through whether to rebrand and create a roadmap for implementing it. Stacey's Podcast Strategy Intensive was the perfect solution. Effective, efficient, and fun. She specializes in producing shows just like mine, so I knew it would be just what I needed, and it was. I have a clear direction, a timeline, and a plan of action. Highly recommend.

      Diann Wingert
      The Driven Woman Entrepreneur Podcast

      Why Learn from Stacey?

      Unlike many other "podcast experts" who jumped on the bandwagon recently after hosting their own show for a year or two, our team comprises experienced audio engineers and marketing experts.

      Stacey Harris is a trained audio engineer who's been podcasting for a decade. With over 600 episodes released, she's used her podcast to sell in-person events, memberships, group programs, and done-for-you services.

      The Stacey Harris Final-1074 copy

      Our strategic approach sets us apart, ensuring that your podcast becomes a sales asset that works for you even when you're not behind the mic.

      This container is not a simple workbook, training video series, or another endless list of general content ideas. We are doing the work TOGETHER in the room during these sessions. Come ready to work, and you'll walk away with the tools to take control of your podcast and put an end to the hamster wheel of podcast to-dos.

      It's my intention that you walk away from these three months feeling confidently in control of your podcast.

      With a clear line of sight on what your podcast is doing through the end of the year so that it's not just impacting your results now but for months and years to come.

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      Add your details below and I'll let you know FIRST when we open the doors again for the Profitable Podcaster Mastermind!

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        I was not disappointed after the podcast intensive with Stacey!

        I've been struggling to figure out how to put all of the pieces together, my podcast, my membership, and how to incorporate a private podcast into my marketing.

        Stacey helped me outline everything based on my expertise and plan out three months of content which I was not able to do on my own. Now I am more confident that my podcast will provide even more value when I relaunch. Even better, it will help me generate more leads, close more sales with less effort and grow my membership!

        Shannon Baker
        The Mind Your Time Podcast

        Sessions most frequently happen from 9 am to 10:30 am Pacific Time on the first and third Thursday of each month. 

        Recordings will be made of every call and made available to anyone unable to attend live.

        Great question, I LOVE questions, so we'll have a special form for you to drop questions between calls. You'll get a response within 2 business days either answering that question or letting you know we'll cover it in an upcoming call.

        During the workshops, I will be teaching that month's content focus. Ahead of the call, you'll receive a workbook we will work through together during the workshop. This workbook will essentially be your document process of how to approach that month's work.
        I will always leave time for questions so you can get clarity in the workshop. For our final workshop, we will dig into building your quarterly plan right on the call. So come to that one, ready to dig in.

        These are your time to get specific answers to your questions. Each member will have focused time to ask questions, get support, or even ask for feedback. This time is YOUR TIME. For the first and second months, I ask that you keep your questions focused on that month's focus, but in our final call, I open it up to any questions you have as we wrap up our time together.

        Yes! Totally! Starting your podcast with this perspective means you build assets much sooner than most podcasters do.

        During month 1, as we review every piece of our podcast, you'll be making decisions and writing new titles, descriptions, etc. All with the strategic perspective of YOUR goals.

        Yes! Totally! In fact, most of the podcasters who have been through this program were veteran podcasters. Some with hundreds of episodes. 

        A fresh perspective and a little more strategy are always supportive! 

        Ask it! In fact, I've got space on my calendar right now for you. Not sure; need a gut check, or have a burning question?

        Book a call with Stacey 

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