Meet Liz Brazier: Health Coach, Podcaster, Facebook Rock Star

As you might know I recently beta tested the new Rock Star Guide to Facebook Marketing, and it was fabulous. The credit for it being out in the world and available for you now goes to the amazing ladies who signed up to beta test it with me.

One of those fab ladies was Liz Brazier, Liz is amazing and was so involved in the process that she’s been able to get some really great results. She busted through her frustrations and decided to really learn to take control of Facebook and make sure that she was calling the shots, not the Facebook guys.

Let me share a bit about Liz.

Liz Brazier

Liz is the host of the “Live Your Life NOW” Podcast show, inspiring 

entrepreneurs with energy, time management and an attitude of not waiting for some-day! The show has ranked in the top 10 in self-help podcast in iTunes. She regularly blogs on Lifestyle, Business and Happiness at

She is a certified Health Coach (AADP) and works with busy entrepreneurs to help them integrate work and life, deal with life changing events, kick stress and overwhelm to the curb and live life now.  In 2008 Liz trained in NYC to be a Group Fitness Instructor (AFAA) and has spent 20+ years in Corporate I.T sales before starting her own location independent business in 2013.

Liz helps people be happy, healthy and successful with a mindset of not waiting for that to happen, but to be there NOW!

Liz lives in New Jersey and New Zealand.

Before the Rock Star Guide to Facebook Marketing Liz shared that she felt, “Sporadic, not structured and a little fearful of how I should interact on my business page”.

But after going through the course she said, “I now have a structured approach to when I post updates, what type of content I post and have had confidence to customize my page more. Learning how to get my Instagram posts to my facebook page was just an extra value from this course. As well as having more confidence to implement a strategy of when to invest in boosted posts.”

I was SO inspired by Liz and her amazing ability to really take action on the content and implement things quickly. She’s such a rock star. If you haven’t checked out her podcast you MUST, it’s one of my favorites. Also be sure to check out her site she’s got a fantastic new offering called “No More Some Days” That I think we ALL need to take advantage of.

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