Monthly Retainer Services

Monthly Retainer Services

Podcast Production

For podcasters ready to launch (or uplevel) their shows we offer full-service podcast production. This means all you do is record and upload your RAW files to Drive and we handle the rest delivering, graphics, audiograms, and a fully produced final show. Plus we upload it all to your podcast host and full show notes to your website.

Here's a quick look at our process...

  • Edit File
  • Edit Audiogram File
  • Create 3 Podcast Graphics
  • Get Full Transcript
  • Create Custom Show Notes
  • Create Audiograms
  • Upload to podcast host
  • Upload to website
  • Create short link

These services are right for you if…

  • You want to create a regular podcast but don't have the expertise or bandwidth to keep it polished
  • You want to have marketing assets for each show but don't have the bandwidth to create them
  • You know your podcast works, but you want it to sound more professional

To learn more about podcast production services, contact us today.

Monthly Marketing Management Support

For ongoing support after your strategy is complete, we offer full-service marketing management packages. Our team can assist with or manage your email, content, and social media marketing services based on the strategy created with (or for) you.

The exact services that will be the best fit for you will depend on your completed strategy. Examples of support that can be pieced together for your needs:

Email Marketing

  • Create ongoing broadcast emails that support your standard content
  • Segment your list(s) to make sure the right sections of your audience are getting the right message
  • Design  launch sequences tailored for limited-time offerings
  • Create and optimize evergreen sales funnels to promote ongoing offerings
  • Customize sales broadcasts to promote upcoming events or offers
  • Develop, manage, and/or create email newsletters (or templates) that capture the important offerings of your business
  • Compile reporting of the email campaign, newsletter, and list analytics.

Content Marketing

  • Edit and optimize blog video, and/or podcast content
  • Automate distribution of blog, video, and/or podcast content.
  • Re-purpose current content to various channels to  maximize results at little effort to you or your team

Social Media Marketing

  • Create and schedule posts in line with your brand voice  with a focus on increasing ideal followers organically
  • Curate content from other sources as part of an overall content plan
  • Create and manage paid advertising campaigns (ads cost not included)
  • Community management
  • Manage engagement on social channels (i.e. respond to comments and messages)
  • Ongoing analysis of social campaigns

After working through your strategy, it’s up to you if you prefer ongoing support on the execution of some or all of its pieces. For example,  if content creation and engagement with your community is your jam, we will leave that to you, taking on only the parts (i.e. scheduling and optimization) you don’t feel equipped for (or don’t like!).

These services are right for you if…

  • You want your 12-month strategy executed by a team that already understands your specific goals and needs
  • You don’t have the team, expertise, or time to take on all aspects of your strategy while maintaining the core aspects of your business
  • You would feel more confident in having some help executing your 12 months of marketing strategy to be sure you are impacting your business as planned


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