Networking Your Way to Success with Erin Smith

Networking is one of the things I cannot imagine living without. It’s likely the most valuable marketing piece I have.

If you’ve EVER listened to this show before you know I’m a huge fan of networking to help build communities, foster relationships, and really grow businesses (not just yours). Today we dive into networking, what to do, what to avoid. And really why you’re not that important when it comes to introducing yourself.

A little about Erin…

Erin Smith https://thestaceyharris.comErin Smith started her entrepreneur journey over 13 years ago when she started investing in real estate across the country. Since then she has started several other businesses in various industries and sold them. After being told time and time again by others they would like to start a business, but just didn’t know how, she launched The Staters Club. It’s a place to learn business fundamentals, and get whatever business you dream of building, off the ground and making you money. Erin is also a speaker who teaches about business and what it means to really follow your heart.


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