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More and more online entrepreneurs are putting together live events to bring their community together. Personally I’m a HUGE fan of this because that’s more events I can attend and connect with folks in real life.

It had me thinking though, could I do a live event? I sat down with Renatta and talked about the process and she really broke down what it would take. I knew IMMEDIATELY that we needed to have her on the show so she could share this stuff with you.

If you’re considering a live event (and we talk everything from small workshops to massive events) this is a must listen episode. Be sure to share your event ideas (or upcoming events) in the comments.

A little about Renatta…

Planning Your Next Event with Renatta EmersonRenatta Emerson is an event planner, a celebrator of life, and owner of Immersion Events, based in Seattle, Washington. Renatta’s philosophy is Life – even at work – is meant to be celebrated.
Renatta graduated from the University of Washington with a bachelor’s degree in Communications. For 7 years she acted as Associate Event Coordinator for a major city marathon which involved leading the administration of an annual event serving more than 15,000 participants. With this background as a launchpad, she began her business in 2009 and now helps companies engage their audiences through memorable events.


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