Planning Your Business in 2015

Now that you’ve reviewed 2014, it’s time to get knee deep in planning 2015.

There are a few things I suggest figuring out FIRST, for example look at what your priorities are for 2015, not just in business but in your life. I won’t say balance because I don’t believe a 50/50 split always works all of the time, but you do have to have a split that works for you. For me that split isn’t always the same. There are times I’m 70/30 with a focus on family, and there are times where that spit favors work. That’s what works for me. I do have certain priorities when I look at my business though, do I enjoy what I’m doing, is it making the money I need to make to support my family (especially important now that Charles is going to be full time starting in January), and is my community engagement on track with the growth I’m seeing in the community.

Those priorities are key as I plan the next year. I’m diving in on this and a lot more in this episode. Even sharing exactly how I plan out my year (down to my editorial calendar).


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