How Service Based Business Owners Should Be Using Their Podcast Show Notes

What’s the right way to create podcast show notes when you’re a service based business owner using your show to generate, educate, and convert right-fit clients? Is there a right way or a wrong way? 

We know that podcast show notes can help our listeners see what’s happening in an episode, and in this episode, we’re taking it a step further in talking about how show notes can help new listeners discover our podcast. 

Getting clear on the job of your podcast show notes, and even the job of the podcast show notes being on your website vs. just in a podcast player, is how we start to shift from this being just another to-do to being a part of the overall value of the sales assets you’re creating.

In this episode of The More Profitable Podcast, we’ll talk about how your podcast show notes work as a discovery tool for your podcast, the difference between the show notes on your website vs. the podcast players, and tips for formatting your show notes.

3:35 – Where your show notes are showing up and their purpose inside podcast players

4:30 – The primary job of your podcast show notes

8:00 – Does your podcast need a website if it’s living in Apple Podcast and Spotify

11:10 – Differences in jobs and the impact on your show notes for private podcasts vs. public podcasts

17:20 – Do you need a separate website just for your podcast

19:30 – The most important thing to consider as you decide anything about your podcast or any part of your marketing

22:00 – Two types of podcast show notes we use at Uncommonly More

24:30 – How to structure the next steps for your listeners inside your show notes

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